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Ria Formosa Oost Algarve

Welcome to the Eastern Algarve...

The East Algarve in Portugal runs from Faro to the Spanish border river Guadiana. A beautiful area still left alone by mass tourism. Here it buzzes with authentic villages and markets, festivals, nature, the Ria Formosa with salt production, lagoons and flamingos, pure and honest food, endless hiking possibilities and paradisiacal islands off the coast. 


Here, we share the special 'secret' spots in the Eastern Algarve of small-scale accommodations run by Dutch owners. In addition, our website is full of tips on beautiful beaches, charming towns, fine restaurants, fun activities, news about the region and much more. Everything you need to enjoy a wonderful holiday!

Holiday East Algarve invites you to visit this region, and to help with planning we have posted on these pages some tips for restaurants, services, activities and attractions, including, for example, several beaches.


Navigate to the accommodation page or scroll further down this page) for participating accommodations and locations.

You can choose from holiday homes, converted Quintas. charming flats, Bed & Breakfasts or private villas in short, something for everyone, almost all accommodations are from Dutch owners.


On our Blog! page, you will find more information about the East Algarve and extensive articles about the accommodations, here you can also set filters, to find the right accommodation faster.

video: Peter Groenendijk
Click at the box for a short description and find the link to go directly the owner's website
Waar zijn eaccmmodties?
This website was created by a special collaboration of a number of Dutch people who have been established in the Eastern Algarve for several years and who all own a holiday accommodation.
We have a lot of knowledge and experience with this environment that we like to share with our guests and the East Algarve enthusiast. You can find a preview here, on this website, on our Facebook and/or on our Instagram page.

There are so many more special places and beautiful things to see that are not (yet) described here. Did you see something beautiful yourself or did you have a delicious meal somewhere? Then you can always send us a message with your experience, so we can add it to the website. This website is becoming more and more complete. 
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