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Fado, the music of

Fado is the Portuguese song of life, full of emotions and melancholy and dates back to the Middle Ages. Fado is derived from the Latin fatum, which means something like fate. It is about disappointments in love, sadness and longing, but also about happiness and unhappiness, life at sea, about someone who has disappeared, homesickness; in short, 'Saudade' is an untranslatable typical Portuguese word.

Fado was refined during the dictatorship of Salazar, he kept the people calm with the 3 'F's Futebol (he supported Benfica with money and asked footballer Eusebio, the black pearl, to play there) Fado and Fatima (Our Lady Fátima, or Maria ). The fadistas were particularly popular, they had to cooperate with the regime otherwise they would disappear into the dungeons of the secret police. A well-known name from that time was Amália Rodriques. After the Carnation Revolution, Fado reached a low point in popularity because it became associated with the dictatorship.


In the 1990s, a new generation of fado singers emerged, including Christina Branco and Mariza. Fado has been on the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list since 2011.


In 2017, Portugal came 1st at the Eurovision Song Contest with modern fado sung by Salvador Sobral, Amor pelos dois.

The organisation Fado com História in Tavira also gives a good look at this art form. They have put together a 35-minute show, featuring traditional, and most famous Fado songs, sung by male and/or female singers, accompanied by the Portuguese guitar (guitarra) and a classical guitar (viola). It concludes with a Port tasting.


Auditorium: Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00

Auditorium shows: Monday to Saturday at 12:15pm / 3:15pm and 5:15pm 

Please note, December and January shows are only on Saturdays!


Rua Damião Augusto de Brito Vasconcelos, no. 4, Tavira


Shows at the Misericórdia church: Saturdays at 3.15pm.


If you want to know more, visit the Fado Museum in Faro:

There's all kinds of information in the museum and shows.

The Algarve Fado Association (AFA) presents "Fado no Museu", every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, all year round, except in August, December and January at Faro's Municipal. Museum. Time: 11:30am, 2:30pm 4pm and 5pm. The show includes a visit to the Fado section of the museum and a wine tasting with the artists at the end of the show.

FADO NO MUSEU - Museu Municipal de Faro - Praça D. Afonso III, 14 Faro.


More information can also be found at::


Teatro das Figuras - Faro

Teatro das Figuras

The 'Teatro das  Figuras', is the new theater just outside the center of Faro. A large hall where many performances are given. They have different kinds of shows  of ballet, dance, drama, comedy and music.  

For more information about the theater and the different performances, check out the website: Teatro das  figuras

Parking is easy next to the theater or in the 'Forum Algarve' parking garage.

Teatro Lethes - Faro

Teatro Lethes

The 'Teatro Lethes', is located in  the old  theater in the center of Faro. The theater has a beautiful auditorium with small balconies on the sides of the auditorium. The ceiling is painted and gives you the feeling that you have gone back in time.  

They have different kinds of shows  of ballet, dance, drama, comedy and music.  

For  more information about the theater and the different performances check out the website: Teatro Lethes

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