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The beaches
of the East Algarve 

You can choose from large wide beaches, islands, river beaches, i.e. the beaches bordering the Ria Formosa, beaches with and without commercial operators, busy and very quiet stretches of beach...

Please note:

  • Dogs are allowed on any beach between November 1st and May 31st.

  • In the months of June to mid-October, lifeguards are present on many beaches until 7 p.m.  

  • The Portuguese (and we) love clean beaches, so please always take your waste back with you  

  • For a complete overview of the beaches of Portugal: download the 'INFO PRAIA' app here you will find all information, including route descriptions (language English and  Portuguese)

  • Keep an eye on the times of the ferries, or agree a departure time with a taxi boat.

Praia de Fuseta: Fuseta Ria (Praia dos Tesos)

Praia da Fuseta Ria

In the small authentic fishing village of Fuseta you will find the beach of Fuseta: Fuseta Ria. A beautiful beach between lagoons of the Ria Formosa. There is a beach bar, Borda d'Agua, where you can eat and drink, and possibly take a shower.  

Sun loungers and parasols are available on the beach during the summer months. There is also the possibility to get a wonderful massage on the beach. Highly recommended.  

From the beach of Fuseta you look at the island of Ilha de Fuseta: Fuseta Mar.

Fuseta is easily reached via the N125 by car, there is ample parking. You can also go to Fuseta by train. 

Ilha de Fuseta: Fuseta  mar

Praia Ilha de Fuseta_ Fuseta Mar

From Fuseta Beach (Fuseta  Ria) you look at the island of Ilha de Fuseta: Fuseta Mar.


Fuseta Mar is open from the first Sunday in June to 30 September. 

With the ferry from the harbor you will be brought to the island for a small fee and picked up again.

There are sun beds and umbrellas, beach bars, lifeguards, sanitary facilities and a first aid post.

Fuseta is easily reached via the N125. You can also go to Fuseta by train.

Incidentally, both beaches have a blue flag and are therefore also accessible for less  validate.

Praia do Barril

Praia do Barril.jpg.webp

Praia do Barril is a beach with history. In the past, the tuna caught here was brought ashore and transported to the mainland by a small train. This train is now used as passenger transport. But you can also walk along the railway and then you are there within 15 minutes on foot.

The anchors as seen here in the photo are a tribute to the killed fishermen. An anchor has been placed for every fisherman who died while fishing.

There are several restaurants on the beach and there is also a toilet and shower. Lifeguards are also present here in the summer months.  

This beach is easily accessible via N125 and is located between Luz de Tavira and Tavira.

Ilha de Tavira - Mar

Ilha de Tavira - Mar

The island of Tavira can also be reached by ferry: there is one from the center of the town of Tavira, the other ferry is waiting for you when you have passed through the salt pans of Tavira.  

The island of Tavira has a camping site and several restaurants and bars. 

Spacious, has natural sanitary facilities, sunbeds and umbrellas, lifeguards, HBO and a blue flag.

Well worth a visit!

Cabanas - Mar


Cabanas is a small village near Tavira. From here you will be taken to the island by a fishing boat, a short boat ride: about 100 meters. You will then arrive at a beautiful vast beach where you can see for miles.


There are several beach bars available. It is also possible to rent sunbeds and umbrellas. There is first aid, sanitary facilities and you can take a shower.

Waves can certainly be found here because the beach is located on the open sea. Great to play in for the kids!

Cabanas is signposted from the N125 and is just east of Tavira. 

Ilha de Faro - Faro Mar

faro island.jpg

Faro, the capital of the Algarve has a very extensive beach on the Ilha de Faro, the island which you can reach by car. Here you will find many restaurants, cafes and shops. This is also the closest place where you can surf. Praia/Ilha de Faro is just past the airport and is easily accessible.  

Sometimes it can take a long time (especially in the high season months) to reach the beach because everyone has to cross the one-way bridge. Then park your car in the large parking lot in the last bend before driving to the island and walk over the pedestrian bridge.

Ilha de Faro  has sanitary facilities (incl. showers), first aid, is also has a blue flag.

Ilha Armona and Praia Cavacos


Right opposite the island and village of Armona is the beach of Cavacos, come here  the Portuguese if they have an hour to spare. Sometimes there is a class with school children who receive swimming lessons, but it is always fun.

Bring your own food and drink, and a chair (if necessary). You can drive there via the N125 exit Marim (between Olhao and Fuseta).

You can reach Ilha Armona either on foot, via Ilha de Fuseta (about 4 km) or by ferry from the port of Olhao. after a walk of about 1 km you reach the beach.  

tip: before you plop down on the sunbeds: drink the homemade sangria with the  beach bar...

Armona Mar has sanitary facilities, HBO and a blue flag.

Praia Verde

Praia Verde.jpg

A large beautiful beach with a calm sea makes this beach wonderful. Praia Verde which literally means the green beach is named after the surrounding trees that border the beach. A beautiful beach between Tavira and Monte Gordo.  

It is a very extensive beach, so for beach walks you are in the right place on the beach.


There is a great restaurant where you can have lunch, Pézinhos n'Areia. 

Fabrica and Cacela Velha

cacela velha.jpg.webp

Fabrica is actually a must see beach. You can walk there at low tide through the mudflats of the Ria Formosa. When the tide has come, you can easily return with the boat for +/- €1 per person.


Make sure you have your own food and drink with you, there is nothing to get on the beach.


Before you 'cross over' to the island, there is also the possibility to eat in the (only) restaurant you come across. Delicious fresh fish dishes and then lunch with a beautiful view!  

Beach chairs are available for rent at the following telephone number:

+351 963851788

Ilha Culatra and Farol


There are 2 ferries from the port of Olhao. 1 leaves for the village (and island) Armona, and the other goes to the island of Farol - Culatra.

Farol is on the far right and Culatra on the left, both villages have restaurants, schools, and small shops. the beaches are extensive and both have blue flags.

There is sanitary, first aid and there are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent

Tip: take the ferry to the village Farol and walk (about 2 km over the beach) back to the village Culatra and get on the ferry again.  

What other beaches are there to discover?

diverse stranden oostalgarve.jpg.webp

From Faro to Vila Real de St Antonio, there is 1 long coastal strip, with several coves and beaches. In addition to the above-mentioned beaches, there are:


Terra Estreita : at Luz de Tavira

Deserta : Ilha Barreta, accessible by ferry from Faro is a fantastic restaurant

Manta Rota: the sea water is 'warmest' there.

Alagoa - Altura: beautiful green, Natura 2000 - check the Chameleon

Monte Gordo : vast with a large boulevard

And of course the beach of Vila Real de Santo Antonio .

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