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Other activities

In addition to the specially highlighted activities, there is so much to do that we have published a selection of what is on offer below. For all up-to-date information, festivals and events, you can follow our Facebook page and/or Instagram page.


Safari tours

For those who do not want to walk, climb, hike or cycle and want to learn and see a lot of the Eastern Algarve. Then go on “Jeep Safari”. Off road through the mountains past abandoned villages, reservoirs (barragem), streams and beautiful views. Have lunch in idyllic spots. Beautiful trips along the coast are also possible. During these rides you can take a refreshing dip in the sea.



Cork factory tour

Always wanted to know where the cork of the wine or champagne bottle comes from? How cork is harvested and processed? Then visit a cork factory.  In Sao Bras de Alportel you will find the Eco-factory Corsica Francisco Carrusa. A world of cork will open up for you, they will show you how some of the cork for the champagne bottles is made. The tours are in English. 


Tours can be booked via the website:


Francisco Carrusca

Eco- Fábrica de Cortiça

Sítio da Mesquita Baixa

8150-048 S.Brás de Alportel

Algarve, Portugal


Spa Salino Aqua Mae

A natural spa has been created in the salt pans of Castro Marim. These baths are created without any processing by the sun and the wind.

Float in/on the mineral salts, take a mask of salty clay, or a peeling using the plants and flowers that grow in the salt pans. There are also possibilities for  massage and yoga.



Indoor karting

In the basement (-3) of the Algarve Outlet shopping center on the N125 in Olhao you will find the more than 10,000 m2 indoor kart track of the Algarve.  

Length is 650 meters with different levels. There are television screens to be the lap times and classifications of the riders.

The Algarve Indoor Kart Center is open every day. The 270cc Honda karts can be rented individually or in groups.


monte rosa olijventoer.jpg.webp

Olive oil)  tour at Monte Rosa

In the small village of Moncarapacho you will find one of the largest olive presses in Portugal. With their many awards winning  olive oil  is more than worth a visit to this farm.

A tour of the olive groves, a tasting of the different  oils and the possibility to buy this delicious olive oil.  

The tour is €7 for adults.

Tours are conducted Tuesday through Friday at 10am.

Reservation is necessary via the  website:


Zipline from Spain to Portugal

Fancy a challenging activity? Then try the zipline from Spain to Alcoutim, Portugal. A funicular of no less than 720 meters long! You zoom down at 80 kilometers per hour, isn't that cool?!  

You take a small boat from the Portuguese side to the Spanish side to walk up to the start of the Zipline. Rather not go down with the Zipline, then you can also go back with the boat.  

Children from 14 years old can also whiz down!  

Check out their (Portuguese) website for more information:

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