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Climate and weather in the Eastern Algarve


It  mediterranean  Algarve's climate is getting strong  affected  by the Atlantic Ocean and is pleasant and mild with more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year it is the frontrunner in Europe.  

In general, most rain falls between November and the end of March, of course this cannot be compared with the Netherlands and  Belgium , usually after a heavy shower it is sunny and blue again.

Summers are dry, except for a few thunderstorms, and autumn and winter bring a little more dew.  

The  temperatures  in the  East  Algarve are warmer in winter and in the  summer  slightly less hot than the West Algarve.

Spring and summer

Spring has an almost constant temperature  between  the 20 and 25 degrees, because the mountains protect the Algarve from the cooler north wind. The  evenings  could be a bit fresher.  

From June to September, the days are warmer and longer though the temperature will almost always be between 28 and 35 degrees. A sea breeze provides  game  cooling off.


In September and October, temperatures slowly drop to an average of 28 and 25 . respectively  degrees.


Autumn and winter

From November the temperatures drop to 17-22 degrees, occasionally a gray day can appear, which is of course nice for (cultural) activities  indoors  to do!

December and  January, temperatures averaging 17 degrees with lots of sunshine. During the day lunch on the terrace, in the evening it cools down considerably, to a temperature between 5 and 8 degrees.

February can occasionally bring a short heavy thunderstorm, but also this month, lots of sun and an average temperature of 17 degrees.

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