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See map below for route and location

A small bustling village with lots of fun on the square above.

How do you get there?

By car Moncarapacho is located between the N125 and the A22, by bicycle, moped or bus.

What is there to do?

Visit the municipal market and the central square where there is something to do every weekend during the summer months

Extra information

The municipal market is completely newly built, worth a visit

Moncarapacho has smaller supermarkets and an Inter Marche. Many activities are organized such as the annual Carnival, Jazz concerts and Fado performances

About this place

This cozy village is located 5 kilometers from the sea between Olhão and Tavira . It is not a large place, but you will find a cozy church square with nice restaurants. There is a daily market in the somewhat hidden market hall behind two local cafes. In the morning it is nice and busy here with all the locals buying their fresh vegetables and fish or catching up with a cup of coffee.


In Moncarapacho you can find almost everything, there are several small supermarkets, a pharmacy, several bakeries and a post office. If you are in the area, this village is a nice stop for lunch or dinner.

And what else?

A special attraction of this small village is the Monte Rosa olive press. They make delicious olive oil and have already won a number of awards for the best olive oil in the world! You can take a tour here and do an olive oil tasting.

To know more about Monte Rosa, click here.

Moncarapacho has a number of nice restaurants such as Restaurante Antonio, Restaurante Ana, De Kolibrie and Apetit

What's fun to do?

The carnival parade is held on the central square and the streets around it, of course every year in February, but because the carts and costumes are made anyway, the parade takes another evening in the summer of August...

Where is it and how do you get there?

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