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See map below for route and location

A beautiful village along the border river Guadiana (between Spain and Portugal). It is located more inland.

How do you get there?

By car, the best option is to follow the route 'up' along the river Guadiana (after following the N125 or the A22, exit VRS Antoinio).

What is there to do?

the Zip Line across the river is a journey through time and you cross the border between Spain and Portugal.

Extra information

There used to be a smuggling route from Alcoutim on the Portuguese side to San Lucar on the Spanish side. Every year (at the end of March) this is commemorated with a festival: Contrabando. a floating bridge will be built between the villages and all kinds of activities will be organised

A fun and exciting activity you can do is return via a 'Zipline'. A Zipline is a large cable car that they have strung from Spain to Portugal. You can slide down this cable car, very cool!
Would you rather not return via the cable car? Then of course you can also take the boat again.

About this place

Alcoutim, like Odeleite, is located more inland and is also located on the Guadiana River, the border river between Portugal and Spain.

The road to Alcoutim is very beautiful because of all the different types of nature you encounter. Alcoutim is an old port city where a lot of merchandise used to be brought so that it could be transported from there overland. The Guadiana is a tidal river, which means that the water level changes due to ebb and flow. The funny thing about this is that the flow direction of the river suddenly seems to go inland.

And what else?

In Alcoutim, which is located on a mountainside, you will find nice streets, a pleasant boulevard with a number of restaurants and a nice view of Spain. The river is significantly narrower here than at Vila Real and Castro Marim . You can cross to Spain by small boat and view the Portuguese side from there.

What's fun to do?

There are several beaches on the side arms of the Guadiana, ideal for relaxing and swimming!

Where is it and how do you get there?

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