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Santa Catarina

See map below for route and location

Small village with typical Portuguese shops and the olive press that is worth a visit!

How do you get there?

By car, take the N398 north

What is there to do?

Visit a factory that makes handmade Santa Catarina tiles

Extra information

Lunch at the bakery is a local activity, definitely a tip

Santa Catarina is famous for its tiles: the Santa Catarinas that are baked there

About this place

St. Catarina da Fonte do Bispo is a small village known for its tiles. Namely the 'St. Catarina tiles'. It is not without reason that the tiles are named after this village because the clay they use to make tiles always comes from this area. The tiles are now also very popular and can be seen in many different places (particularly in houses). You can also visit these factories, but don't wear white clothes because it is quite dusty (haha).

There is also a large 'Lagar' (press) in St. Catarina. All farmers can bring their picked olives here to have them pressed. There is a lot of activity here, especially in the autumn, because the olives are picked during that period. You can also buy olive oil there, highly recommended!

And what else?

In and around this small village there are a number of nice restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal. The more inland you go, the more rural the food becomes. You will still find fish on the menu here, but you will soon notice that stews take over. Delicious!

What's fun to do?

Or visit the olive press and pick up a bottle of freshly pressed local olive oil

Where is it and how do you get there?

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