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São Brás de Alportel

See map below for route and location

São Bras is a large village in the hills behind Faro and Olhão. It has developed into a culinary city of the Eastern Algarve

How do you get there?

The experienced cyclist can go by bicycle, but the car is more comfortable

What is there to do?

Sao Bras has many cork oaks and processing factories

Extra information

Don't forget the jazz club and the Costume Museum

Visit the Museum do Traje, the costume museum

About this place

Sao Bras de Alportel is a village located just above the highway. The village has few special buildings that you can visit, but it does have a number of cool sights such as the 'Traditional Costume Museum' and the 'Cork Factory'.

There is also a flea/antique market once a month where you always come across special items. Click here for a market overview . Once a year there is a big flower festival where all the streets of Sao Bras are decorated with flowers. Click here for an overview of festivals .

From Sao Bras you can follow the 'Rua de Cortico', or the cork oak route. A beautiful route along, you guessed it, all cork oaks. Cork is an important export product of Portugal.

And what else?

Another beautiful place to go is Fonte de Ferréa, the iron fountain. This is located just north of Sao Bras. An idyllic spot where you can picnic/barbecue on the barbecues and tables provided for that purpose. Located on a flowing stream where you can sometimes even see turtles!

What's fun to do?

go for a walk at Fonte Ferrea or visit a cork factory

Where is it and how do you get there?

anker naar google maps
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