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See map below for route and location

Odeleite is the town of 'the blue dragon', the river and the reservoir form a large blue dragon when you view it from the air. A blue dragon represents 'power, strength and luck'. A large dam has been built and has become typical for this old village with less than 1000 inhabitants. 

How do you get there?

By car, via the N125 or the A22.

What is there to do?

View nature and do outdoor activities such as walking and cycling, boat trips and other water sports

Extra information

The site houses have typical Algarvian chimneys, sometimes with platibands

Fantastic place to stroll through and enjoy the beautiful views of the Guadiana and Spain

About this place

The dam was constructed in the Ribeira de Odeleite stream, which originates in the mountains of the Serra do Caldeirão and is a tributary of the Guadiana river.

The old main church was built in 1534 and is therefore definitely worth a visit. You will also find a number of old wind and water mills that are partly still in use. You can also do all kinds of activities, beautiful walks, water activities and bike rides and boat trips.

And what else?

The road there is certainly worth it!

Casa Odeleite is a museum with various spaces and exhibitions and was one of the richest farms in the area. People used to eat with the seasons and trade the rest on markets.

In the house you can find old decorations and Art Nouveau furniture that you would not expect. visit the various storage areas and then relax on the terrace.

What's fun to do?

The village of Odeleite, located on the slopes of the Ribeira of the same name and relatively close to the Guadiana River, is shaped like an amphitheatre, with predominantly rural details.

Where is it and how do you get there?

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