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Castro Marim

See map below for route and location

Castro Marim is a historic town with a large star-shaped fortress and a medieval castle as its main features. You can visit both buildings for a small fee, if you are interested in history this is definitely worth it. The annual Medieval Festival is also held here in August. A festival where they bring history alive through theater and music.

How do you get there?

By car, bus, train or scooter

What is there to do?

historical walk, salt pans, forts, history, wellness

Extra information

Also note old platibandas from the white houses of Castro Marim

During the annual Medieval festival, the entire village is transformed into a medieval village. There are performances, old crafts, and delicious food and drinks. period: end of August

About this place

What makes Castro Marim special is that it is surrounded by salt pans. The salt pans are used to extract salt. You may already know 'Flor de Sal', (salt flowers) the top among salts. You can take various tours and walks through the salt pans here to learn more about salt extraction in this area. The salt is often packaged in nice gift packaging, making it a nice souvenir to take with you or to give away to a culinary friend.

And what else?

Fancy a day of wellness? This is possible here in Castro Marim at Spa Salino, a fun experience of mud baths and floating on (very) salt water in the middle of the salt pans.

What's fun to do?

If you climb the castle of Castro Marim, you will see the sea on one side and the mountains stretching to the horizon on the other. The mountains are popular with lovers of large nature reserves, you will see many plants and animals, if you like walking or cycling this is a great place.

Where is it and how do you get there?

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