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See map below for route and location

Perhaps the town with the most culture. With the old Roman bridge as a pearl.

How do you get there?

By train, get on at any platform from Faro towards VRS Antonio and get off at Tavira, or by car (follow the N125 or the A22)

What is there to do?

To the beach island by ferry from the center or from the salt pans.

Extra information

Tavira has 37 churches spread here and there

Curious where all those beautiful photos of Tavira come from or do you even want to take one home with you?
They were created by Ron Isarin.

About this place

Tavira is een prachtig stadje dat je eigenlijk zou 'moeten' bezoeken. Soms wordt dit plaatsje ook wel het 'Venetië' van Portugal genoemd vanwege de rivier Gilão die er doorheen stroomt. De rivier kan je oversteken via de oude Romeinse brug. Deze brug is zomaar de meest gefotografeerde brug van de Algarve. Het is dan ook een plaatje om naar te kijken.

And what else?

Tavira is located approximately 3 km inland and therefore does not have a direct beach on its doorstep. Just like in the rest of the Eastern Algarve, you can take a boat/ferry to the islands where the beautiful beaches are located.

Tavira is also very attractive for the many dining options you can find there. Enjoy a delicious lunch, extensive drinks, delicious dinner or just a drink in the cafe. It's all possible in Tavira, look here for an overview.

What's fun to do?

The Irish pub often has live music, and the old Roman bridge is a must see

Where is it and how do you get there?

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