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Monte Gordo

See map below for route and location

Monte Gordo is a larger town with many shops, large beaches and extensive boulevard.

How do you get there?

By train, get on at any platform from Faro towards VRS Antonio and get off at Monte Gordo, or by car (follow the N125 or the A22)

What is there to do?

Extra information

It has a large and wide sandy beach with many restaurants / beach pavilions

About this place

Monte Gordo is a different kind of place than any other in the Eastern Algarve. It is not known for its authenticity but for its seaside resort with a large boulevard, souvenir shops and a lot of tourism. The kilometre-long beach that is directly accessible (no boat required) is quite a picture, and it is striking that there are many large and beautiful shells to be found.

And what else?

If you have been in Portugal for a while and secretly fancy a croquette sandwich, you can get it here ;-)

What's fun to do?

Where is it and how do you get there?

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