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See map below for route and location

Loulé, an attractive place with fantastic market halls, annual carnival and the MED festival

How do you get there?

Best is by car, bus or train

What is there to do?

Old historic city with nice shops and beautiful buildings

Extra information

Loule Castle dates from the 12th century

Don't forget the annual multi-day MED festival

About this place

Loulé is a very pleasant place. The large market halls are number 1 among the sights in Loulé. Every Saturday there is a large farmers market where the Portuguese can sell their homemade products. The small streets around the market halls are then transformed into a large market. It is wonderful to stroll around and if you are looking for tasty products such as homemade honey, chorizo, cheese, piri-piri, baskets and bags and much more, then you have come to the right place.

There is also plenty to see here on Saturday for motorcycle enthusiasts. The Portuguese all gather in front of the market hall with their beautiful motorcycles and relax there with a beer in the sun. Fantastic, right?

Loulé also has a historic fortress that you can visit, nice restaurants and cozy cafes.

And what else?

In the spring the largest carnival parade in the Algarve takes place here, a beautiful parade with special costumes. Curious about which other festivals are held in Loulé?Click here.

What's fun to do?

Med festival, walking in the area and of course the extensive weekly Saturday market, and look for the old Moorish baths.

Where is it and how do you get there?

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