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What to do in the 
Eastern Algarve

January 1st



feb/march Loule


Last weekend of March,

1mid of April
starts at 9:30 p.m.

Easter Sunday from 09:30 o'clock





Spring saturdays

09 to 13:00  


Mid off June 

June 27 to 30



July 19 to 21 Faro


End  july -
early August Faro

August 9-14 





August 22-26
Castro Marim

Last 4 days of August, Olhao

5.6  and September 7

December 31 
Tavira, Olhao, Faro

Things to do in ...

January to March
New Year's Dive in Fuseta,  dive into the sea with hundreds of others
Carnival in  Moncarapacho, March 3 and 5, 2019 from 3 p.m.,
beautiful  decorated carts pull through the village. Free entrance

The most famous carnival of the  Algarve  attracts thousands
people, Brazilian dancers adorn the beautiful carnival carts, Every year
the themes, politics, sport and economics are ridiculed.
Entrance fee a few euros pp

Contraband  festival;  Portugal, Alcoutim and Spain become SanLúcar
separated by the river Guadiana. there used to be a lot of smuggling, besides
goods also dreams and aspirations for a better life. In honor of that one  festival  of  artistic  and cultural shows, almonds, coffee,
accordion music and stories bring back this time.
Free entrance, crossing €1.

April to June
The 6th International blues festival in Faro is this year on April 12 and 13 with the artists:
Li'l Twister (PT) Little G Weevel (US-ES) Guitar Not So Slim (CAN+ES) and as large  closing:
Budda Guedes Power Blues (PT) more information:  
Festa dos Toches Floridas - Sao Bras de Alportel
One of the oldest and traditional religious festival: the Hallelua festival.
With torches of flowers men walk singing and  hallelujah  calling
about a carpet of flowers that took a week to make, free entrance.

Moncarapacho, the 7th exposition of classic cars, motorcycles and others
means of transportation. location: opposite Casa de  povo. Free entrance.  

Festival Pé na terra in Fuseta, workshops, music in dance. 
this festival
lasts 3 days and is intended to bring Portugal and Brazil together
continue to connect through cultural activities.

This year the 16th time that 1 of the best music festivals of
Portugal,  the Med  Festival  is organized in Loule.
National and
international artists perform in the streets of Loule.
The offer varies from Fado, to  classic  music to popular
music, in short, something for everyone.

July  until September
For the 38th time in Faro de Concentraçao Internacioanl de Motos et this year as artists: Within Tempatation, Amor Electro Cellas Cortos and many others. More than 20,000 motorcycles are expected to run this 3-day  event  visit. Sunday is the traditional parade through Faro. Tickets cost €45 incl. t-shirt, medal, sticker, food and a chance to spend a week on a new bike or a holiday in   daytona.

Ria Formosa Festival in Faro, Largo de Sao Francisco. A 10-day festival where you can eat fish, shellfish from the Ria Formosa and regional specialties. Prepared in the traditional way.  Performances by national musicians. open from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM. Free entrance.

Festival  do Marisco, Olhao - the most famous Sea food festival in the
whole Algarve. The Boulevard: the  jardim  Pescador Olhanese, becomes is 7
a culinary (fish) paradise for days. performances by major national
artists , this year ao  Xutos & Pontapés, Pedro Abrunhosa and 
Ana Moura. Portuguese and tourists are 1 of the thousands
long chairs  tables, seafood te  to contemplate.
Day ticket between €6 and €9 pp.

Medieval Castro Marim, back to the  Middle Ages. castros  Maria has been transformed into a medieval village, including entertainment (tournaments) and all kinds of performances from music to acrobatics, continuous shows of  old crafts, traditional food, in short, drinking too much to absorb. Entrance from €3 (market only) to €7 (castle and market)

Noites de Levantes, Olhao. Celebrate summer and good weather in the Algarve! Until midnight, Olho invites residents and tourists to celebrate the summer in the streets of the old town of Olhão, on the side of the boulevard with music,  theatre, dance and circus performances.   
Entrance is free.  ​

Festival F, a 3 day music festival in Faro, featuring the best national artists of Portugal, a day ticket is €15 and a 3 day pass costs €30 in presale. lineup:

October to December
Passagem de ano, end-of-year  and New Year's Eve parties in the cities, with big fireworks, performances by music bands, funfair etc.

Carnaval Portugal
festival pe na terra
med festival 2019
Marisco Olhao
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