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With over 20 accommodations listed on our site, we have great expertise regarding this area. Below are some of the fantastic restaurants that we recommend to our guests and that we love to go to ourselves, below these highlighted restaurants even more gems by place name.

The best restaurants of the Eastern Algarve according to 'our' accommodation holders

Eating at the East Algarve's top restaurants

Of course there are many more restaurants and cafes worth visiting...

Do you want to go directly to the area of your choice? then click on the place name

Eating at the East Algarve's top restaurants - Olhão

Olhao restaurants

Our tips for restaurants in Olhão

Cha Cha Cha

Travessa do Gaibéu 19, Olhão

count:(+351) 918 727 242

In the center, fresh menu every day, Portuguese, Mediterranean. mix of tapas and main courses (lunch and dinner)

Figo the Pita
figo de pita.jpg

R. Moinho da Carreta 48, Olhão

count:(+351) 934 427 766

For Brunch and Bowls, nicely decorated and with very tasty dishes. open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Galo Barreta
galo barreta.jpg

R. A Gazeta de Olhão 7, Olhão

count:(+351) 912 972 858

Hidden away in an alley opposite the red brick Meat and Fish Halls. nice atmosphere, good food. Also vegetarian!

Pizza na Pedra
Pizza na pedra.png.webp

Avenida 5 Outubro 50, Olhão

count:(+351) 289 702 444

Good Italian anti-pasta, Easter meat and fish dishes and pizzas in the wood-fired oven.

Mogno, natural choice

Rua 5 Outubro 160, Olhão

count:(+351) 289 705 269

Brunch, lunch and dinner including poke bowls, extensive children's menu. Tip: brunch on Sunday

Tapas e Lendas
tapas e lendas.jpg

R.Dr. Manuel Arriaga 18, Olhão

count:(+351) 289 706 429

tapas restaurant and Portuguese (olhanenses) dishes on the square. Live music on Mondays and Wednesdays"

Restaurante Mare
Mare Olhao

Avenida 5 Outubro 50, Olhão

tel: (+351) 289 702 444

Good Italian anti-pasta, Easter meat and fish dishes and pizzas in the wood-fired oven.

Frango da cidade
frango de cidade.jpg

Rua Teófilo Braga 51, Olhão :+351 911 114 577

You can easily pass by this super small restaurant. In addition to chicken, Portuguese specialities. 

tip: spare ribs from the black pig

Terra i Mar
terra i mar.jpg

Av. the 5 Outubro 20, Olhão

count:(+351) 915 521 931

Quiet ambiance with a modern look. nice service. #Tip: garlic shrimp, paella or the file saborosso!

Moncarapacho restaurants

Eating at the East Algarve's top restaurants - Moncarapaco 

Our tips for restaurants in Moncarapacho and the immediate surroundings

Restaurante Antonio
restaurante antonio moncarapacho.jpg

Ave Dona Maria Lizarda Paler 14b, Moncarapacho tel: (+351) 939 163 759

Top restaurant. Lunch and dinner. Classic international and Portuguese, fish, meat and vegetarian menus 

Restaurante da Ana
restaurante da ana.jpg

Praça de Republica 22, Moncarapacho

count:(+351) 965 634 294

Family restaurant on the church square with large terrace. Fresh fish, grilled chicken and everything from good quality.

Restaurante Apetits
apetits moncarapacho.jpg

Rua Percursores da Restauração Bloco A R/C, Moncarapacho tel:(+351) 289 792 507

Tapas restaurant with well-designed dishes that also taste delicious. #Tip: mussels and smoked salmon

Fuseta restaurants

Eating at the East Algarve's top restaurants - Fuseta

Our tips for restaurants in Fuseta and the surrounding area

Maresia Restaurante
maresia restaurante.jpg

Av. 25 de Abril 9, Fuseta

count:(+351) 913 006 536

Good meat and fish dishes, nice atmosphere. With extensive menu during the low season #Tip: cheesecake

Iguarias da Vila
iquarius de villa.png

Praça da República 5, Fuseta 

count:(+351) 289 033 909

Good restaurant on a fantastic little square in the middle of Fuseta. Good wine list #tip surf and turf.

Casa Corvo
casa corvo.jpg

Largo 1º da Maio 33, Fuseta  

count:(+351) 916 127 466

Eating the best fresh fish outside by the friendliest service... At the roundabout with the fisherman #grill #bbq

Adega da Sol
adega do sal.jpg

Rua General de Humberto Delgado B, Fuseta tel:(+351) 968 729 777

One of the newcomers, nice dishes such as cod in puff pastry and good sushi. beautiful restaurant.

O do Rui Restaurante
a do Rui

Rua General Humberto Delgado C, Fuseta  tel:(+351) 918 928 785

Our favorite, always busy. large portions, good quality, mainly fish, and what kind of fish... 

Ti Maria Panoramico
ti maria panoramico.jpg.webp

R. Da Cegonha 26, Fuseta 

count:(+351) 962 885 030

Nice restaurant with petiscos, kind of large tapas. nice to share. upstairs is a good lounge bar.

Tavira restaurants

Eating at the East Algarve's top restaurants - Tavira

Our tips for restaurants in Tavira and the surrounding area

Come after Gaveta
come na gaveta.jpg

Av. Dr. Mateus Teixeira de Azevedo 36, Tavira tel:(+351) 926 677 879

Nice restaurant, easy to share (petiscos) creative dishes

#Tip: scallops

Rest. Aqua Salgada
aqua salgada

Av. Dom Manuel I, 8800-681 Tavira 

count:(+351) 281 402 165

Past the salt pans of Tavira, mainly marsco (shellfish and fish) tip: bakkeljauw a bras

Barto Sushi restaurante

R. da Liberdade 37 rc, Tavira 

count: (+351) 967 421 250

Best Sushi and tapas restaurant in Tavira and surrounding areas. Everything super fresh and delicious. €tip: go!

Punto de Encontro
ponto da encontro.jpg.webp

Praça Dr. Antonio Padinha 39 Tavira

count:(+351) 281 323 730

Restaurant on a beautiful plant. authentic tiles inside. specialized in meat and polvo (squid)

Restaurant Bossa
bossa tavira

R. da Liberdade 47, Tavira

count:(+351) 962 110 276

Mix of Italy and Brazil on your plate, prepared with care. Beautiful ambiance. #Tip: pasta with seafood

Bio tequim.jpg

Av. Dr. Mateus Teixeira de Azevedo 86 Tavira tel:(+351) 969 302 710

Good vegetarian restaurant made with fresh organic ingredients. even the wine! #tip: Desserts

Sao Bras d restaurants

Eating at the East Algarve's top restaurants - SB d'Alportel

Our tips for restaurants in Sao Bras d'Alportel and surroundings


R. Gago Coutinho 45, São Bras de Alportel

count:(+351) 289 849 520

A party! beautifully laid out plates, classic cuisine. #Tip lamb and tuna tatami

Restaurante Raizes

Quinta das Raposeiras, centro comercial fração C, Santa Barbara de Nexe tel:(+351)964 261 085. Classic Portuguese cuisine with a modern twist #Tip: there is a tasting lunch on Sundays

A Tia Bia
a tia bia.jpg.webp

Barranco do Velho, Salir  (37°14'25.8″N 7°56'14.7″W) tel:(+351) 289 846 425

The road there is beautiful! Specialized in typical Portuguese game and stews

Tachinho da Avó Luisa
tachinho avo luisa.png.webp

Av. da Liberdade 18A R/c esq, São Bras de Alportel tel:(+351) 915 842 439

Traditional Portuguese family restaurant with a different dish of the day every day. #tip: Migas

Forneria do Largo
fornaria do largo

Largo de São Sebastião nº30, São Brás de Alportel tel:(+351) 289 943 225

Italian, pizzas with thin crispy base, nice place. #tip Pizza Algarve and garlic bread.

Luis dos Frangos
luis frango.jpeg.webp

Rua Dr. José Dias Sancho, n.º 132 São Bras de Alportel  tel:(+351) 289 842 635

Authentic chicken restaurant, lighting is hell, but the tastiest chicken (also alternatives) in short, an experience. 

st Catarina restaurants

Eating at the East Algarve's top restaurants - St Catarina

Our tips for restaurants in Sante Catarina de Fonte de Bispao and surroundings

Oh Monte Velho
o monte velho

Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bpo / Umbria

count:(+351) 961 253 727

Family restaurant, classic Portuguese, game and stews. various dishes are served. Reservation required!

Cantinha de Serra
cantinha de serra.jpg.webp

 Ribeira do Bemparece, Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo,  count:(+351) 963 178 264 High in the hills with a fantastic view #Tip: Lunch with wild boar and lamb stews, honest food.

Barriga Taberna

R.Dr. Felipe Almeida Carrapato 7, 8800-156 Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bpo.

count:(+351) 932 427 440

Portuguese hospitality, nice dishes. nice music. Good price / quality


N270 197A, Sao Bras de Alportel

count:(+351) 915 842 439

Portuguese family restaurant, ample parking, because often busy. #tip: Bife a Portuguesa

O Constantino

N270 938, 8800-156 Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bpo tel:(+351) 281 971 217

Traditional Portuguese meat and fish dishes. #Tip: Stewed wild boar with lentil rice and after: Medronho cake

Sabores de Campo
sabores de campo.jpeg.webp

R. de Poço de Ferreiros, São Brás de Alportel tel: (+351) 289 849 346

Nice place for dinner and lunch, well cared for beautiful wines. #Top: loin of the black pig with fig sauce

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