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Luz de Tavira

See map below for route and location

Luz de Tavira is a beautiful village and nice to walk through if you want to see authentic Portugal.

How do you get there?

By car, follow the N125 towards Tavira

What is there to do?

Also check out Sante Estevao, which is close by

Extra information

the eye-catcher is the church on the central square

Roman period the port city of Balsa, an important port in Hispania Lusitania. The Torre Aires in Luz was a fortress tower in the Middle Ages to protect the port of Tavira

About this place

Luz de Tavira, also simply called Luz, is a small town on the west side of Tavira. In Roman times this small town was the port city of Balsa. That time was an important port. That is why a fortress tower was built called Torre Aires, so that they could protect the port city from here.

And what else?

There are not many special things to do in the village of Luz. It only radiates the real typical Portugal. Small houses in small streets, well-kept squares and nice cafes where you can drink a tasty 'bica' (espresso).

What's fun to do?

Nice to experience a village festival in high summer, dance and sing along with the exuberant Portuguese

Where is it and how do you get there?

anker naar google maps
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